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I am a mother, foster mother and grandmother.  Prince has been my Equine Partner for the last

8 years and  director of a community project. I have experienced life’s ups and downs.  


As a coach I can bring a realistic view of possibilities whilst hearing your dream and helping you to

create practical ways to make it a reality.


In 2012 I attended an NLP diploma course with Money Puzzle training and consultancy and changed

my life.  I was working full time and had a dream to start this project and didn’t know how.  Over that

weekend I discovered how to bring my dream into reality…and the rest as they say is history. 


I am an NLP Master practitioner and I have also studied Brief Solutions approach for a number of years. 

These approaches enable me to support you as you refine your goals and go on to discover how you can fulfil them.  I am able to use a number of interventions to help you remove any blocks you may have to achieving your dream.  Whether you have had an experience, and the memory now holds you back, or need a confidence boost or simply want to work out what your first step is we can address it together and set you up for success.  You may want a career change, to pass exams, make life more comfortable or follow a dream or be at that stage of life where you are not sure what your next step is or are simply looking for personal development.


I often work with other horse owners to overcome the blocks that stop them achieving all  that they want with their horses


My style is conversational and respects you as the expert in your own situation.  You will have the solutions you need and given the time and opportunity to look at possibilities you will discover what you need to know.


I offer coaching rather than counselling. Whilst we will deal with phobias and difficulties caused by past experiences we will not generally unpick those events.    We will think about where you are now, where you want to be and how you can get there. I will then be delighted to support you through the process.


Depending on what you want to work on one session may be adequate or two or more sessions will be appropriate.  We will review regularly, and you are of course able to stop sessions at any time.  Each session costs £60, this payment goes towards funding the Community Interest Company and as such allows a family for whom life difficult to find support.


I am delighted to offer a free initial telephone consultation to answer your questions and establish the best type of support for you.  


Skills & Experience:

  • Bsc health and social care (open) hons 

  • Equine assisted growth and learning (eagala) certified practitioner

  • INLPTA NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner

  • Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis 

  • Solutions-focused brief therapy 21 hours training and practice regularly

  • Ridden and then owned horses for most of her adult life

  • Background in accounts. Her last post in that field was as manager of an accounts department for a company with a £6 million annual turnover

  • She worked for West Sussex Childrens Services and is trained in child protection procedures

  • First aid at work qualification

  • DBS Check


You can phone or email us on: 

Phone: 07739 359213

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