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Meet our Equine & Animal Team!

Equine Partners CIO simply could not run without our team of amazing horses. Each and every one of them brings a special something to the team. Our horses are all different sizes, types and temperaments and have a range of different skills and life lessons, which are what gives us the flexibility to do what we do.

All our horses are available for sponsoring. Sponsoring one of our horses is a fun way to support Equine Partners CIO.  You can choose to either make a one off payment or a monthly sponsorship, which can be as much or little as you wish to donate, and all money goes directly towards the daily care and training of your chosen equine and their friends so they can continue their wonderful work.

Below are some examples of what different donations could provide:

£5  will go towards a bag of feed for the horses

£10  will buy 2 bales of hay

£20  will pay a horse's livery for a week

£50  will pay for the podiatrist to trim a horse's feet

£100  will buy new rugs & equipment


If you wish to sponsor a horse as a gift for someone, please let us know and give us their details so that we can post them (or you!) a Gift Certificate. 



Horseanality: LBE/LBI Cusp

Bella is the Lead Mare of our herd. A big part of her job is looking after the rest of the herd.


She is also the rock chick of the herd.  Her feisty and sensitive nature makes her ideal as a therapy horse, as she gives the clients instant feedback!


Bella was bought by Jo as a 5 month old foal.  Over the years they have developed a strong partnership and have been on many adventurers together including riding together over the Wiltshire Plains, clinics and beach rides.   


Bella has a big jump, and has often be known to 'Swap fields' when she fancies being out with a different group of horses! ​



Horseanality: RBE 

Charlie is known to many as our ‘blue-eyed’ boy due to his stunning blue eyes! 


He is also one of the cheekiest of the group. You will often find him and Kira in a game of tag, when he isn’t trying to rugby tackle her that is! It’s just a good job they are friends!


He is also Bella’s ‘Mini me’ and can usually be found following her around and copying what she does.


Charlie is one of the smallest of all our ponies, although what he lacks in size he makes up in personality! Being small he is also perfect for our smallest visitors.


Charile was purchased for the project by Jo & Fran in 2012 as our first ponyshare pony


Charlie's favourite food is carrots, and he will do almost anything for one!



Horseanality: RBI

Prince is known to many as ‘our pet Labrador’ as he comes when called, loves his food and will do anything for a scratch! He also loves to play, although we are yet to teach him to fetch a stick!


Prince is a favourite with our pony sharers and families alike due to his sweet and loving nature



Prince came to us in 2010 and is on loan from Fran.  In his past life he was a pairs ploughing horse on a farm in Ireland. 


Prince loves to have his ankles scratched and will often walk up to people and wave his back leg in the air at them to get it scratched!



Horseanality: LBI 

Simba joined the team in the autumn of 2017. Even though he is the newest member of the team he is probably one of the wisest. 

Being a shetland he is also the smallest member of the team, and perfect for those small or nervous clients who come to see us.

Simba loves being pampered and will happily stand and be brushed for hours.


Simba has been there, seen it, and got the t-shirt. Spending most of his life as a much loved family pony he has done it all, whilst keeping he human partners completely safe.  He is now on loan to us to enjoy a quieter pace of life. 


Simba might be small but he is no shrinking violet and is more than happy to let the others know who is boss!  



Horseanality: LBI 


Kira is one of our longstanding members of the team, and a firm favourite with the kids. 


Her small size and calm, quiet and unflappable nature, make her ideal for those who are nervous.

Kira is also one of our stubbornest members of the herd. She will make you work for what you want and is an expert in out focusing people! 


Kira is our little rescue pony.  She was left abandoned in a field with no food and little water.  When she arrived with us she was scared and very defensive. 


These days she is a lovely, cheeky and friendly pony.


Kira loves to knock things over and play with the toys. Her favourite game at the moment is to pick things up and pass them to people!



Horseanality: LBI 


Dakota is the newest addition to the herd. He joined us in July 2022

He is still very young so has a lot of growing up and learning to do before he becomes a full time member of the team, however he is showing great potential already 


Dakota was purchased for the project to take over some of the work of Simba.  Being very young he is a blank canvas .. so watch this space! 


Dakota name actually means 'Friend' which we felt was a good fit for a pony who will be a good friend to many children over the coming years!

Oh, and he also has one Blue eye and one Brown eye!

Yard Cats


Catanality: Semi-feral

We have a two lovely semi-feral yard cats who came to us from a rescue center in 2021

Oaky is the girl and Ash is the boy, they are brother and sister

Their main role is as pest control officers!


They are named after trees because Oaky has a heart on her shoulder and Ash is the colour of an ash tree!​



Doganality: PUPPY!

Honey is our very friendly and very bouncy Yard Dog! 

She is owned by Fran and is in training to one day be a Canine Therapy Dog.

For now though she is learning the ropes, eating sticks and giving cuddles to anyone who will cuddle her

You might see her on your visit, and if we know you don't like dogs, she will stay out of the way when you come 


Honey loves to chew things and enjoys snuggling in her bed with a chew toy 

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