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Alongside our Equine Assisted Therapeutic work we are also delighted to provide a coaching service.

We have found this to be a very effective way to support our clients in areas that need a more talking or directive solution.

At Equine Partners we use our coaching skills in two different ways:

  1.  As part of your sessions  - We will use these skills to help you get the most out of your learning.  We can also desensitise allergies (such as hay-fever/horses etc) or remove phobias that might be standing in the way of you making the changes you want to make.  

  2.  Formal coaching - Both Jo & Fran are happy to provide 1-1 coaching (either one-off sessions or as a

       series, depending on your outcome).  With Fran & Jo both being INLPTA Master Practitioners, and Fran

       trained in Solutions Focused Therapy, they have a wide range of skills to be able to support you on

       your journey. 


Each of our coaches have different skills, experience and coaching styles.  To find out more about them  and see who might be the best fit for you, please click on their photos below.


NLP is an effective tool in areas such as confidence, identifying goals and how to get there, difficult relationships, career decisions, phobias and allergy cures and changing habits to name just a few. 

We have also helped with rider fear /confidence issues relating to a trauma or negative experience, setting horsemanship goals and overcoming unhelpful beliefs.

 Equine Partners CIC was selected as a Finalist for the NLP Awards 2017 in the 'NLP IN PUBLIC SERVICE AND COMMUNITY' Category

Equine Partners CIC was selected as a Finalist for the NLP Awards 2017 in the 




You can phone or email us on: 

Phone: 07739 359213

Or contact us here 

What is NLP?

NLP is often described as 'giving us a manual for our brain!'


NLP stands for 'Neuro-Linguistic Programming':

*  Neuro – The mind and how we think.
*  Linguistic – Language and non-verbal communication and how we use it.
*  Programming – The programmes and patterns we run in our lives.

NLP explores the relationships between how we think and use our minds (Neuro), in conjunction with the language that we use (Linguistic), and actions that we take (Programming) in order to achieve our desired outcomes.


Co-created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s. Bandler and Grinder originally intended it to be a way of learning any skill from anyone, the basis being, “If you can do it, then I can do it too. As long as I can find out how you do it. Then I can model you.”  Over the years NLP has literally spread around the world and has touched the lives of millions of people.

These skills can be learned by anyone to improve their effectiveness both personally and professionally. It is directly applicable to a diverse spectrum of fields such as communications, business, sales, education and therapy.

How do I find out more about NLP?

We are very fortunate to have Monkey Puzzle Training & Consultancy Ltd

as sponsors.  John and Karen have been very supportive (both financially

and emotionally) of Equine Partners since the very beginning. They have 

been a great support in our training as well as providing us with ongoing 

clinical supervision

They have lots of good videos, quiz's and blogs about NLP on their 


In this video Karen is explaining 'What is NLP'

From time to time we will share some of their fantastic articles and 

blog posts in our blog, so keep an eye out for them here

All Videos

All Videos

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Solutions Focused Therapy



Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), also called Solution-Focused Therapy, was developed by Steve de Shazer (1940-2005), and Insoo Kim Berg (1934-2007) and their colleagues beginning in the late 1970s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


As the name suggests, SFBT is future-focused, goal-directed, and focuses on solutions, rather than on the problems that brought clients to seek therapy.


Solutions-Focused Therapy is designed to be a short process of approximately 6 sessions.  

Each group or family wishing to find answers  to puzzles in their lives come together with a facilitator who will ask a range of questions to help them discover their own resources and the answers that will work best for them.    They will look at where they are now and where they want to be. They will then explore ways of getting there.   This approach does not go back over the past.  

Fran has completed West Sussex County Council training to practice standard.  


"I can’t thank these guys enough.

After a bad fall eventing in water, it had left me knowing I wasn’t being the best partner for my new ride this season, working with Fran on myself exceeded all my expectations,

I had thought if it just stops me worrying about water jumps that would be great ,

I never expected to find myself super excited for the water jumps and loving it.

I’ve had a fabulous and very successful season eventing , completing avCCI 1* to finish the season with a fab clear round that had 2 very technical water fences - which I loved riding .

Thanks again guys - can’t thank you enough"

Tracey Duncan, Taking Care of Training, 3* Parelli Professional

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