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- Michelle Dewsall, Muntham House School

 "Our students at Muntham House School have benefitted enormously from Fran’s warmth, empathy and understanding of complex needs.


What Fran has managed to achieve in regards to raising children’s self-esteem, confidence, self-awareness and general wellbeing through her work with them and the horses is nothing short of magic!


Equine therapy is a popular and well attended intervention. As such, we feel grateful to have found Equine Partners CIC and blessed that they have become a valuable source of on-going support to our community"

- Mum of a teenage boy who came to us for Therapeutic Horsemanship as he was suicidal.  This was from her nearly 7 years later

 "My son was in a sad, dark place when he started the equine therapy. It gave him a focus for the week and something to look forward to. He enjoyed working with the horses and the talking helped changed his mind set. He is now a young man with a plan for the future and is working hard to achieve his dream. A huge thank you to Fran and Jo"

A Letter from a mother who attended sessions with her daughter

My daughter was diagnosed at 14 in March 2015 with autism, she struggles greatly with depression which is how she ended up with her diagnosis, four suicide attempts.  

We started equine therapy in July 2015, the school put us in touch with Fran, who during our initial phone call offered us 6 sessions, which fortunately for us started the following week.  My daughter L struggled to engage during the first few sessions and at times shut down completely.  Fran is incredibly on the ball and realised that L cannot cope with the intense therapy and as a result L has had many sessions in which Fran is incorporating all that L would have learnt within the original 6 weeks.  


There have been times where L needs gentle persuasion to attend, however equine therapy is something she looks forward to.  Amazingly she has built a solid rapport built on trust with Fran to the point that she will engage her in a cuddle good bye!  This is something L does not do with anyone other than close family.  


If L is having a bad morning when we arrive she will be disengaged, she will choose a horse to spend time with, sometimes she will verbally communicate sometimes she will point.  Fran is ever patient with her.  By the end of each session Fran will have been able to engage L with some conversation and L’s demeanor is more relaxed.  


L knows that equine is a safe place to be, a place where she can relax, be herself and discuss anything that's in her mind.  She can share the thoughts she has or she can just be.  It's a place that she desperately needs a space where she can purely have space.  With little expectation other than to engage when necessary but knowing that the calmness of the horses has a balancing affect on her.


Equine partners is a truly amazing place, it's peace and tranquility just in the location is second to none, it does me as a parent the world of good too, just being whilst my daughter is in safe knowledgeable hands.  Fran is a fountain of knowledge and brilliant at listening which in turn is unbelievably beneficial to me as well as L.


I really can't thank Fran enough for all she does!


I’d read about equine assisted therapy online. Having spent time with horses as a child, I wanted my daughter to have a similar experience as I knew it would help her with the levels of anxiety associated with her learning difficulties.


I was delighted to find Equine Partners so close to home and booked sessions with them. I was expecting the sessions to be useful, but what I wasn’t expecting was the incredible amount of love and support we got from Fran & Jo alongside the equine therapy.


Like many other families, life has taken twists and turns which has been challenging. Having a child with complex learning difficulties complicates most things, but when faced with difficult times too it feels bigger, worse. Fran & Jo have been there for the whole family every step of the way. They’ve seen us at our best and our worst, and only ever provide love, support and comfort and words of wisdom.


We’ve been able to use many of the strategies that our daughter has been taught at EP in every day life. If she’s getting anxious, we remind her to ‘Bella breathe’ - she can remember being close to Bella, feeling warm and safe and taking big deep breaths which calms her.


We have watched her grow in confidence around the ponies which has been fantastic to see. She has opportunities to develop her language and coordination skills, and the experience gives her something tangible to draw upon when she needs.


I honestly can’t thank Fran & Jo enough for what they’ve done over the years. Just knowing they are there with a smile and kindness has been so comforting during the most stressful, scary times.


I’d recommend EP to ANY family facing difficult times. The difference they make is immeasurable.

Sophie - An NLP Coaching Client

"I can't recommend Equine Partners enough

& they have been hugely helpful for me.

Their NLP has not only helped me overcome my own

nerves & anxieties when riding and become a

better partner for my horse, but has helped

me in my non-horsey life - thank you!"

Tracey Duncan, Taking Care of Training, 3* Parelli Professional

"I can’t thank these guys enough.

After a bad fall eventing in water, it had left me knowing

I wasn’t being the best partner for my new ride this season, working with Fran on myself exceeded all my expectations,

I had thought if it just stops me worrying about water jumps that would be great , I never expected to find myself super excited

for the water jumps and loving it.

I’ve had a fabulous and very successful season eventing , completing avCCI 1* to finish the season with a fab clear round that had 2 very technical water fences - which I loved riding .

Thanks again guys - can’t thank you enough"

- V.R. Area Lead for Integrated Services, Arun East and Arun West, A&C Joint Commissioning Team. West Sussex County Council

 "The Equine Therapy has been working really well in the area as it is a very direct form of family therapy and gives families a unique opportunity to unpack their worries and concerns in a safe and supported space"

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