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What we do

Equine Partners is dedicated to meeting the needs of

our clients as best we can, and as a dedicated centre

of learning and growth, we are constantly expanding

our variety of services to best support you.  

Our equine therapeutic services are our primary business.

The Equine Assisted Learning sessions are designed to help

groups and families deal with life's difficulties and gain a

greater understanding in 'why we do what we do'.  


The Therapeutic Horsemanship sessions, are our more

horsemanship based one-to-one sessions and are tailor

made for the individual client. 


Our Schools Horsemanship Sessions can also be tailor made to meet a curriculum and we have found they work well on both one-to-one and group basis. 


We also provide NLP Coaching (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Solutions Therapy sessions alongside these sessions to help our clients gain a more outcome focused objective, as well as removing things like Phobias that are getting in their way.


You can phone or email us on: 

Phone: 07739 359213

Or have a look in one of the following information portals


To request more information:


07739 359213

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