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What Are Team Building / Corporate Days?


Do these words sound good to you?  Yep, us too! 

Our Team building days are just that. A day for your team to take some time out from the busyness of your jobs and develop your team as well as enhancing  your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. 

Every day is tailor made for the group attending so that we can best meet your needs. You can either choose one of our topic specific days or we can create one to meet your outcomes.

We run both Full and Half days, as well as shorter workshops depending on your needs and requirements. 

Who is it for?

Our Team Building days are designed for anyone who wishes to attend,  whether you are a corporate business,  a health care team, Teachers/TA's, Volunteer groups or even a group of friends.  These days are aimed at adults only (older teenagers at our discretion). 

During your time with us the site will be closed to other clients, enabling us to solely focus on your team,  and creating a secure environment for you to really immerse yourself in the day without distraction 

These days are also becoming increasing popular with business to help their employees de-stress as well as spending some time building a better rapport


What happens on the day​?​

This is a day for you, so what happens is up to you! You can either choose one of our topic specific days or we can work with you to design a day that is tailor made for your team. 


Before coming we will send you a short survey for all attendees to complete so we know your outcomes for the day. 

For those who like more of a plan, this is an example of a day and a half day:


* Introduction with refreshments inc pastries

* Time for you to have a meeting if you wish or EAL Sessions

* Lunch (provided on request)

* EAL Session 

* Afternoon Refreshments 

* Time to relax and enjoy the site

* Roundup of the day & Refreshments


* Introduction with refreshments inc pastries

* EAL Session 

* Refreshments

* EAL Session

* Roundup of the day & Refreshments

No horse experience is necessary. We will teach you everything you need to know. Please note there will not be any riding involved in the day, everything we do is strictly on the ground only. 
The staff, horses and facilities will be available for the day and at your disposal.  There will also be unlimited complementary Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate/cold drinks and biscuits available all day.

Are they weather dependant?

Whilst you will get more from the site on dry days, if it turns rainy, cold or windy, whilst you are with us we do have a lovely big indoor barn and stable yard (including a heated Tack Room) in which to get away from the weather. 

We will let you know beforehand if the weather does not look like it will make the day viable 

When do they take place? 

These days are only available during the week days as weekends are taken up with our family work. If a date you wish to come is not listed please contact us as we might be able to arrange something depending on availability and other interest.

If you wish to book for a Saturday for a special occasion for a group, please contact us as we might be able to arrange something depending on availability 

You can book your Team Building / Corporate Day online here or by contacting us here

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